About Gwyn

Gwyn Firth Murray’s areas of specialty include commercial sales and technology licensing both domestically and overseas, open source/ free software licensing, international transactions, and outside general counsel services.

Gwyn is the founder and principal of the Matau Legal Group, which offers a broad range of commercial, licensing, and other legal services to both start-up and established companies in the technology industries. Gwyn also is co-founder of Open Bar, Inc., a not-for-profit organization focused on legal rights and responsibilities in the world of open source software.  She is a graduate of Stanford University Law School and holds an M.A. in Latin American Studies from Stanford University.  She obtained her B.A. magna cum laude and with distinction in economics from Yale College. Gwyn is fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.
Gwyn founded the Matau Legal Group in 2002, in Silicon Valley, California. The Matau Legal Group was created with the goal of providing premier legal services to privately and publicly-held companies in a cost-effective manner and offering reasonable rates. Our philosophy is to serve our clients – and bill our clients – as we would want other lawyers to work for, and bill, us.  Since we have managed legal departments from the inside.  we are familiar with, and able to handle, most legal matters that arise for our clients. However, we also know what we don’t know — and when it is appropriate for the client to engage another practitioner to handle a particular matter or area. We have “worldwide world view”, with connections to a broad international network of legal practitioners who practice in our own and other areas. We are able and pleased to assist clients in engaging attorneys with other specialties where appropriate and in line with our clients’ needs and requests.

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