Why “Matau” Legal?


Matau LogoWhen we started our law practice, we wanted a name and logo that was distinctive and personal.  Gwyn’s mother, Anne Firth Murray (http://www.annefirthmurray.com/), is a native New Zealander, and Gwyn and her two children hold dual citizenship (USA and New Zealand) through Anne.   Gwyn and her children each have lovely greenstone carvings from one of the few master carvers of New Zealand greenstone.

Gwyn’s is a Hei Matau.

Soon after founding her own law practice, and while trying to design letterhead, Gwyn met a graphic designer who offered to create a logo based on Gwyn’s greenstone hei matau.  The Matau logo is the result.

A hei matau is a bone or greenstone carving in the shape of a stylised fish hook.  This fish hook is known in Maori legends to be the magical fish hook that the demi-god Maui used to pull the North Island of New Zealand out of the sea.  Legend tells that Maui “caught” New Zealand using only a line and a hook made from the jawbone of his grandmother.  The Maori name for the North Island, Te Ika a Maui (“The fish of Maui”) reflects this legend.

The hei matau represents strength, good luck and safe travel across water.

All good things!


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