International Transactions

At Matau Legal Group, we pride ourselves on our “worldwide world view.”  Gwyn has lived and traveled overseas extensively since early childhood, in Latin America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.  She is a citizen of both the United States of America and New Zealand, and she is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

We have extensive experience drafting and negotiating a wide variety of cross-border commercial and licensing agreements, and have experience managing the legal affairs of multi-national corporations in other countries.  During her tenure at Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI), Gwyn managed all legal affairs of SGI’s subsidiaries and branch offices, including setting up those entities and implementing standard legal policies for each of them.  In addition, she developed templates for SGI’s agreements with distributors, dealers, and private and government customers,  in each country of Latin America and Canada where SGI did business. She worked closely with SGI’s regional and country managers to develop and implement business and marketing strategies, personnel matters and negotiation of equipment leasing, real estate and construction contracts. Gwyn also trained employees on subjects such as anti-corrupt practices, export rules, use of form contracts, and trademark usage, and managed relationships with outside counsel in each country, including budget planning and control.

Since founding the Matau Legal Group, Gwyn has negotiated numerous licensing and other commercial deals with companies of all sizes throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.