Outside General Counsel Services

The Matau Legal Group was founded with a goal of providing high-quality, cost-effective legal services to smaller companies that could not, or should not, hire in-house counsel.  Gwyn and other lawyers that do work for the Matau Legal Group have served as in-house General Counsels for a variety of different companies.  As such, we are familiar with the broad range of issues that come across a General Counsel’s desk: from employment to real estate, corporate securities to licensing, export to tax, etc.  As experienced attorneys, we can differentiate between what we know how to do and where we need to seek outside/ third party advice.

We participate in a number of networking organizations that allow us to quickly locate and (with a client’s permission) engage experts in specialty areas of law where we do not practice.  These “virtual law firms” allow us to directly and indirectly provide a broad range of legal services to our clients at reasonable rates.

Our particular passion is working with entrepreneurs who are excited about what they are doing and the companies they are building.